What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Digital agencies, One of the trending topic in the Business world. Yes! you heard the correct word. The Modern Era runs with Digital, Digital platforms growing year by year a lot. Almost any of the SME(Small and Medium enterprises), Multinational companies were outsourced with leading digital agencies. The reason why? What digital agencies offer to Businesses and how they grow your businesses.


You are in the right place, yes! This Article is all about the what digital agencies offers for any organization.

Digital agencies have strong marketing strategies to help/grow their clients business objectives.

  • They have strong Knowledge of trending market.
  • They have strong Knowledge of Business plans.
  • They have strong Team.
  • They have good Execution strategies.

Let’s go deeper, what kind of services they are offering.?

Website Design

None of the companies Both SME(small and Medium enterprises) and Multinational companies were not running their businesses without having their own professional website. Having a beautiful, professional Looking and user-friendly website is very much important for any Organization. It is one of the easier ways to explore your services/Products on the Internet. Digital agencies can create websites as your client’s requirements at reasonable cost.


Mobile Apps

Having one beautiful website is Not enough to reach your target audience, Because Mobile usage is Increasing day by day and smartphone users in India are predicted to reach 340 million and could reach almost 468 million by 2021.So creating a Mobile App or Mobile marketing has become key in the digital marketing strategy of several brands, with these the approach to the user is more effective since mobile devices become a direct communication channel. leading digital marketing agency can creating Mobile apps as per the user requirements.


Web positioning

One of the major and important aspects of digital marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). Search engine positionings are very Much important for Any Websites because it is one of the best ways to drive traffic and getting users to a website.


Once your website spotted on the top of Search Engine Results, then your path started for generating More revenue and More traffic. This Numbering game is a long-term process, to achieve this you need the strong SEO strategies. Leading marketing agency has strong seo expert, Digital consultants,Bloggers…Etc, who can make your website on The Top of SERP(Search engine results page).

This Optimization process will be Done in Two possible ways

  1. SEO “Off-Page Optimization”-Changes within the Website
  2. SEO “On-page optimization”-Changes outside website.

PPC campaigns

SEO is Free of cost No Need to pay for Any campaigns because SEO will give you Organic and permanent results. If companies looking for Instant Results, Then PPC campaigns are the Best option. Pay Per Click(PPC) Campaigns is a model of Internet advertising, in which the advertiser pays the platform where a rate is promoted based on the number of clicks his ads receive, although he can pay for other types of metrics u objectives.There is a Different kind of Ad Platform’s available on the Internet.



  • Search Ads
  • Display ad’s
  • YouTube ad’s
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Instagram Ads…. Etc.

These platforms have the capacity not only to generate and measure clicks, their main objective is to make your prospects that are looking for your products or services. Agencies will provide a specific solution to your needs and those of your company, should base their strategy not only on the platform that you like but in which greater benefits can be generated according to the turn of your company or business.

Email Marketing

If you are running an E-commerce website, then E-mail Marketing is the best solution for e-commerce owners. Email marketing is also a digital strategy that uses email to connect with a database of prospects or customers. Some of the Biggest e-commerce companies like (Flipkart, Amazon, eBay…Etc.) were majorly using this Email Marketing platform to reach their customers. It is best to use an organically generated list based on contacts or prospects who have requested information in the past or who have joined the newsletter on the website.


It is important that the agencies guide you in the formula to carry out an effective email marketing. It is recommended not to use to send only commercial information, but rather, to share relevant information that the subscriber is interested in receiving to minimize the percentage of subscription of the list.

Social Media Management

Social Media, One the of powerful and free tool to reach people and explore your Multimedia (Images, Videos, DOC, PPT, and PDF) things. Due to the rise of internet usage more and more people got their own smartphones and using them on regular basis. Almost most of Smartphone owners were loaded their smartphone with Social networking sites.

28083375162_ded8c8ecc3_b.jpgThe distribution of content is through the social networks of the company, for it, there are agencies specialized in creating all these messages to hook the user and turn it into a client. Unfortunately, not all agencies generate effective results because they have no idea how to join all the digital elements with those that count for the process to be complete and reinforced with each of these.

I hope this Article will help. Thanks for reading.


Google algorithm updates impact on SERP Results

Google Algorithm updates”, A well Known word for Most of The Online Business owners, Internet marketers and Digital Marketing. Search engine are Likely changing their Algorithm a Lot since 2000 to 2018.2014.jpg


  • Panda Algorithm (February 2011)
  • Pirate Algorithm (August 2012)
  • Penguin Algorithm (April 2012)
  • EMD(Exact Match Domain) Algorithm(September 2012)
  • Hummingbird Algorithm (September 2013)
  • Payday Algorithm(June 2013)
  • Pigeon Algorithm (July 2014)
  • Mobile Friendly Algorithm (April 2015)
  • Fred (March 2017)
  • Image Search Algorithm (2018)
  • Mobile Index Algorithm (2018)

These are Most cruel updates and major Algorithm Updates from Google Which is released since 2000 to 2018. Google always trying to improve SERP(Search Engine Results Page) Results by releasing kind of Algorithm updates, all these major and Minor updates were Mainly “Focus To improve Quality of websites”. A well-known word From Digital Marketing strategy “content is Always King”, Yes, it’s 200% Damn sure. For marketers, this means a new Google algorithm is always on the horizon.

Search Engines positioning is always depending on how well a website optimized in accordance with Search Engines Guidelines. Not just only optimization there are 3 More important aspects which Also decides websites positioning on SERP results.

Three Important Aspects of Search Engine Positioning

1.Rank Brain.


3.Quality Back-links (High DA Back-links)

Here is Google’s statement:

“Google says Every day, we are releasing More changes to Improve the SERP results”.

Changes Made by Google every day More focused on Specific Improvements, In the Q1 2018 they released one Update called “Image search Algorithm”. Which is Mainly focusing on image results, this will help to the websites to generate more Traffic/Revenue. And Q1 2018 one More update called “Mobile Index First”. This Mobile Index Update is Focusing on Indexing Mobile Friendly First.

Google Made this Decision because Almost 60% of the Internet users were Using Mobiles. So, Google Made this Decision to Improve Mobile-Friendly Experience.

What Happens if Search Engines release any Update?

With these Major/Minor Updates, websites Rankings Drops/Gains. Yes, this is what happens if Search engine releases Any Update. Means This Leads to change current website positioning On SERP Results, which tends rapid decrease of Visitors /Traffic to your website. To overcome this Issues and Any Kind of search engine updates Business Owners Must optimize their website in accordance with Search Engine Guidelines.

A Report from Forbes says That” The consulting world is undergoing a shift. Over the last four years, consulting firms have been rapidly launching new digital consulting divisions. What started off as an infatuation with product design and more engaging web interfaces has become a full-blown movement towards digitization.”

Yes, With the Rise of digital consultancies, Most of the Big Companies looking Forward to Connecting with leading digital marketing agency, to Reach their business Goals Digitally. Reason! why to outsourcing to a digital agency

A digital Agency well knows about these Google update, Digital marketing strategies, Decent Business plans, Best Marketing Tools. They have the Great Marketing strategy, Because Digital marketing agencies working with Many Kind of organizations (Health, Finance, Marketing, Sports and Mobile app…. Etc.). Not just great Marketing plans, they have strong Team like Business strategist’s, Digital consultants, digital marketing experts, SEO specialists …. Etc.

These frequent and tight-lipped algorithm changes lead to much speculation around how businesses can change their SEO strategy to stay at the top of the rankings. While we never know exactly how the algorithm changes, in this post, we’re going to look at five areas you should pay attention to, to help adapt your SEO strategy accordingly.

What should you do?

First, learn More about the All the Major/Minor updates which Google Already released since 2000 to 2018.Understand each Important Aspect which will impact on your search Results positioning.

It is very important to check whether your website is well mobile friendly optimized or not. As I already said “Google will give more priority For Mobile index first” due to enormous usage of Mobile devices.

Check your website by using Inspect tool(Cntrl+shift+i). Run Mobile friendly test on Any Mobile devices, cross-check with other mobiles too.

Always remember to Follow All the updates from the Search engine, then only Any websites will be positioned well on SERP. Hope this Article helps.

How to Apply for The Pradhan Mantri Awas yojana scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)

Pradhan Mantri Awas yojana Scheme which is launched by Government of India mainly for poor people who don’t have own house and who couldn’t able to build a home for living. This “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana” Also know a “PMAY”, which is started on June 25, 2015. This Scheme is eligible for the people of both the village and the city. This scheme is often known for the dream of our respected Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”, with the help of this Housing Scheme, a poor person could also make a house for himself with the money provided by the government.


Reports says that “This Scheme is estimated to completed by 7+ years, which means from start 2015 to 2022”. The Government of India has assessed applying more than 439 billion rupees in this scheme.

If Anyone wants to apply for this scheme they should meet some eligibility criteria. Below are the Eligibility Conditions For “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana”.

  • Must show your annual income certificate and affidavit.
  • Must have Identity Proof
  • Applicant must be below 70 years of age.
  • This scheme is for poor and needy people whose annual income is less than Rs. 3 lakhs.
  • The person making the application should not have any self-made accommodation in the family.

If you wish, you can apply for a housing scheme in the name of any woman in your household.
The complete procedure for applying through both the mediums is given below.
Through public convenience center

The official website is here “www.pmaymis.gov.in“.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Eligible candidates will have to go to their nearest Common Service Center to apply for the city. There will be a need for several types of documents to apply for the scheme, which will have to be taken along with the candidate for confirmation.

Required documents and fees

  1. Aadhar number and a passport size photo are included in the required documents. Public utility center will be charged 25 rupees for application of the scheme.
  2. After the application, an acknowledgment Rashid will be given to each applicant on which the applicant will be photographed, and the application number will be written.
  3. Application number will be different for each applicant through which the application status can be ascertained.
  4. If the candidate does not already have the Aadhaar card, then the public facility center will also help the candidate. Only after getting the basis will the application for the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme be made.
  5. Where is the public convention center in my city?
    The facility of online application will be available at 60000 public facilities (CSCs) in urban areas across the country. The process to find your nearest Public Convenience Center is available.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – know more about Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Read the entire process of online application through English in the Common Service Center for the English language.
Apply Online for PMAY-U through CSC

The online application for the Prime Minister’s housing scheme can also be done through the official website for which the complete process is given below.
To apply for the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme through the official website pmaymis.gov.in.

After visiting the website, take a mouse over the link of “Citizen Assessment” in the menu and select any one option. If you are currently in a slum, click on “For Slum Dwellers” or click “Benefit Under Other 3 Components”.

best internet marketing strategies 2018.


Online marketing strategy and best business plan Bringing more and more market area and more potential customers to the company, it is not just creating brand awareness but also make the company’s management more difficult, problems and diverse, opportunities and challenges are at the same time, but it is certain that as long as you can reasonable The benefits of Internet marketing outweigh the disadvantages, and it is a huge long-term benefit that will bring more benefits to the enterprise.

What are the main things and benefits that’s the best internet marketing strategy will brings to the organizations. More and more of the business owners pay attention to these kinds of strategies because every organization looking forward to growing their businesses.

The very first marketing strategy is saving cost.

Cost is the one of the major factor that any kind (SME or Multinational company) will keep in their mind while they are preparing budget plan. Because These costs are reflected in the cost of many resources Like

  • Advertising costs.
  • Communications costs…Etc..
  • Employment cost.

The reason behind, is that marketing is promoted by using online channels. Now a day there are many free channels for advertising on the Internet mainly Social Media Channels. Social media is one of the best online promoting channel to reach target audience.

Marketing Strategy Business concept, young man holding a tablet computer

Social media channel promoting not only helps for reaching the product/service to the audience it also helps to save the advertising costs for the company, but these costs are in comparison with the offline advertising costs. The customer will take the initiative to consult, and the consultation and the transaction volume will be equivalent to the performance of several salespersons.

It also saves the salesperson from taking the initiative to search for customers and save The number of sales staff. Other related costs will be reduced, showing that the benefits of online marketing to the business great. it is mutually independent to send out information and online name to browse information on the Internet.

The first thing online marketing needs to do is to present information as much as possible to the user, but the user does not look at it and has his or her own will to decide. Forced meaning.it is the company responsibility to attract the Customers who come to the company to consult are both active and willing.

With decent CRM strategies any company can drag the customer attentions towards the company, which leads to build a good relationship of cooperation between enterprises and users. Such users are more willing to cooperate. A decent marketing agency or internet marketing agency know well about these kind of marketing strategies because they have strong working experience with many kinds of organizations.

There is no time and space limitation for online marketing, which brings more convenience to enterprises and users. In addition, the rapid development of logistics has further strengthened the advantages of online marketing. Users can obtain information on products in different regions and compare and select more suitable companies for cooperation
Since logistics does not have to worry about the limits of hell, it is good for enterprises and users. There are many benefits of online marketing, and the benefits it brings to the company are countless. outsourcing company for the company to do Internet brand marketing, marketing effectiveness of network marketing, marketing site construction, the effect of the sharing model for the transformation of Internet.

best mobile repair services at Repair tech

Repairtech mobile repair service center located in Marathahalli, established in 2015 February ‘Repair tech that earns trust and confidence’ a Repair tech known for sincerity is what Repair tech has always aimed for. Repair tech provides 3 months warranty for mobile phone display replacement for all brands including iPhone, Repair tech situated at Marathahalli Bangalore a well-known building in Marathahalli near tulasi theater. Repairtech only provides a genuine and OEM display for the Mobile phones.



RepairTech is Bangalore’s most trusted smartphone service network.

Contact us for

  • Apple Repair center
  • iPhone Repair center
  • Samsung Repair center
  • Nexus Repair center
  • Motorola Repair center
  • One plus Repair center
  • Xiaomi Repair.

Repairtech does

  • LCD Display Repair
  • Glass Replacement,
  • Touch Screen
  • Speaker Repair
  • Microphone Repair
  • Network Repair
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Charging Repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Software Repair.

Models we repair:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • One plus
  • Nexus
  • Mi
  • Redmi
  • Asus Zenfone
  • Letv

and all other models.)

Do you require a fast and efficient service? Then no worry you are at right place for your device to be fixed.

Do you want the ability to have your device collected from you at home or from your workplace, or do you want to walk into one of our Service Center?

Repair Tech Mobile repair is just for you. It is designed around fast and efficient service to ensure you always have your device working.

If it is under warranty and is one of the brands we repair, then the repair is free for you. If it is out of warranty, then we can also help with an effective repair.

Having the aim to service at your doorstep, we can collect your device anywhere in Bangalore. If you book at collection before 12 pm with a next day repair and device delivered back to your doorstep the following day fall.

No problem as we provide expert repairs on all Apple products including tablets. We have many spares in stock, thereby giving us the ability to provide you with quick turnaround times.)

Our services extend beyond mobile repairing centre in marathahalli . We can provide repair services for tablets, smart watches, Bluetooth headsets and all other headset peripherals.

It is not unnatural, rather the norm, to have most of our clients sorted well within 1 hour after the device has been booked in with us

Alternatively feel free to come to our service center personally.)

Advantages of Internet Marketing to an Organization?

Now a day’s most of the businesses will have some kind if internet marketing strategy as it is fast becoming the most popular way to keep in touch with targeted customers and it is the best way to enhance their business growth. However, success secrete behind every company is not always as simple as people may first think and it requires a lot of planning to make it successful.

A good marketing strategy is the only tool for any organization which can helps to keep you on level ground with your competitor companies.


By planning or following a good online marketing strategy, any organization can essentially be open for business. Good marketing strategy Not only offering online presence to your business or product convenient for you, it will also help for your potential customers. In the modern era the entire world is depending on the internet, as most of the people around the world depend on the Internet for everything from shopping and entertainment to research and education.

These are the core benefits of using an online marketing strategy to promote your business.

Reduction in Costs

Reducing the Cost is an important factor to consider in any marketing campaign One of the major benefits of setting up or moving a business online is the cost advantages of doing so. A firm can save many costs. Like…

Only Fewer staff is sufficient for online marketing then in the high street thus reducing costs.

Advertising your product or your service online is very easy, because now a day we can gets lots of free advertising tools are available on the market. You can avoid those high costs associated with traditional mass marketing.

with the help of Internet marketing strategy, you can tailor your marketing techniques to your target audience.Timely and concentrated manner internet marketing agency also allows you to create a standard communication platform between the company and your customers, which can help you build a better online presence and a more trustworthy image.

With the help of social media support platforms like Twitter Facebook,and LinkedIn,we can easily take advantage of targeted consumers.

Every time a customer transacts with the company online, that transaction is captured. The firm can use this data in many ways. Firstly, information can be analyzed to find out most popular products/services sold.

There is no time and space constraints on the Internet and its reach can extend to every part of the world. Using the Internet to engage in marketing activities can be carried out manually by far and past sales or traditional sales can not reach the market, network marketing can create more new market opportunities for businesses.

In the fierce competition in the market, there is no more important than customer satisfaction. The use of Internet companies can introduce products in the enterprise, technical support and ordering information on the Internet, customers can choose according to their needs at any time selective information. This overcame the time and space constraints in serving customers.

Internet marketing is a consumer-oriented, emphasizing personalized marketing; Internet marketing with strong interaction between businesses and consumers to fundamentally improve consumer satisfaction;

Internet marketing To meet the needs of consumers convenience shopping, eliminating the need to go to shopping malls distance and time consumption, improve consumer shopping efficiency; As the network marketing for enterprises to save huge promotional and distribution costs, the product cost and price It is possible to reduce the purchase can be achieved at a lower price.

possible ways to increase the brand awareness.

Building brand image is one of the major focusing tasks for many Mid-level/Start-ups or for SME(Small medium enterprises) because branding is one of the major factors which helps for any corporate or midlevel organization to increase their sales or services. Not just only for increasing the sales it also helps to get more number of customers for the organization.so it is very important to know that how to increase the awareness of a brand to get noticed in the present market.

So am here to list-out some important factors which will help you to raise your brand awareness in the present market and helps to enhance your target sale.

Nowadays Advertising becomes very expensive. The advantage is that you have maximum control over the content. You can also try to get free publicity. Then you must report news that is interesting to the readers of the medium. So, send a stoneware press release, with news value. But beware, if your ‘news’ smells too much about advertising, it will not be posted.

Use Social media

Social media is the best platform to create huge brand awareness. It is very important to know that where to start building a brand when the situation comes to using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media marketing raises your profile, so a strong online presence is a must for businesses.


Day to day digital world is growing like anything, no words to describes the impact of social media on businesses. All you need to do is that try to find out your target audiences and start promoting your business. Let your customers know what kind of services you are providing and what kind of products you are making.

Target New customers

Any kind of organization You can win the market share by attracting new buyers and then having those new customers buy more often. Do not just aim at your best customers (heavy-buyers), as they will usually no longer buy. You should focus on all kind of customers, which will help to attract more number of buyers like medium and light-buyers of your type of product. Those floating buyers now regularly choose a different brand. Brands with a large market share have more buyers and more loyal buyers than brands with a smaller market share.

Quality Content

If you are selling/giving some services Digitally, it is better to prepare Fresh, valuable content because it creates trust and authority with your online audience. The content which you are preparing should be more informative and useful to Audience, they can check your brand in a positive light. This positive content creating factor can build a base of loyal customers.

Content marketing is still king for blogs, strategy, management, branding

Interact with customers

This is one of the best ways to increase your sales by interacting with your target customers. This strategy works both in traditional sales and online selling is the art of the question. Ask your customers what they need and let them come up with new ideas to get implement your services.

Outsource to a brand design company

It is better and the most effective way to increase your brand awareness by outsourcing to an external brand agency or a brand design company. The reason why?

An external brand agency knows much better about how to build brand awareness because they are having strong experience by working with many kinds of companies like E-commerce, healthcare, marketing, and finance …etc. They are having strong technical and marketing team who can help to enhance the awareness of any brand because they know well about the trending marketing strategies.

To reach new (floating) buyers, mass marketing proves most effective. Advertising can help with obtaining a top-of-mind position. Big brands are the most popular because they have the most buyers and are sold the most.