key elements to check before applying for home loans.

Most of the traditional banks having their own principle while granting loans to their applicants or the one who requester for loans. They type of loans classified into two major categories. i.e.

Secured loans

Secured loans are loans backed by an asset such as a house in the case of a mortgage loan or a car with an auto loan. This asset is a guarantee of the loan. When you approve the loan, you agree that the lender can re-acquire the collateral if you do not repay the loan as agreed. Although lenders are returning the property to a secured, defaulted loan, if you default loan. When lenders recover the property, they sell it and use the proceeds to repay the loan. while approving these secured home loans most of the banks will closely inspect all the major home loan approval elements such as eligibility credit ratings, good credit score, age, financial status,  loan repayment…Etc.

Unsecured loans

 Unsecured loans are loans that are not guaranteed with any kind of collateral. For example, the bank does not have the ability to take your home or car if you stop making payments on an unsecured loan. The unsecured loan is based on your promise of payment (and the lender’s confidence in your ability to pay).


Well, you give in to guarantee the good which you possess, in exchange for a sum intended for any use: purchase of a housing abroad, repayments of debts, family help. In addition, the mortgage must be exclusive to the lender. Important: Mortgage interest rates are higher than rates prevailing in the traditional real estate market. On the other hand, this type of loan is very flexible to use.

Bank loans correspond to the most common financing, almost all financial organizations are able to distribute them. This financing is allocated for any type of real estate project, acquisition of the principal residence, secondary or rental. A loan is said to be guaranteed when a property, such as a property or investments, is allocated as security for its repayment. As for the unsecured loan, no property is assigned as security for its repayment.Most of the people who are requesting loans to the banks should have to meet the loan eligibility criteria which means we need to obey all the terms and conditions of the financial institutions or the money lenders which is very much compulsory. when it comes to interest rates every financial institution have their own interest rates which is the relay on the type of loan that the applicant requesting for.

In the modern days, many of the banks will have the interest rates are around 8%- 10%…Etc. Having greater credit score will strongly impact while granting loans because it is one of the major key element of the home loan for approving loans to the applicants.


water filter carafes: way to get Pure drinking water.

One of the most common activity in every human life is drinking water, Having good food and Peaceful Sleep. Almost 60% of the Human body is made with water and without water none of the Human cannot survive on the earth. every one of us  knows that drinking pure and safe drinking water is very much important to human lives and is one of the best possible ways to be Hydrated & Healthy.


Well, are we drinking safe drinking water? Water we taking is clean? Is water free from BPA and Bacteria? There are few things which we need to know and consider while having water on our daily basis. Water have several advantages towards health and most of the reports and doctors are suggesting that drink at least 2-4 liters of  water on regular basis.

There are many possible ways to get safe drinking water and many methods also implemented to get this done. Many water filter manufacturers and makers are making their water filter products ( water filter pitchers, water bundles, water filter carafe & water filter bottles…Etc.) & their main intention is to provide safe drinking water to the lives.


Water filter bottle: way to get Pure and safe drinking water! Yes! It is. A new startup company called hydros water bottle, which is doing a great job with the water filtration with its water filter products ( water filter pitchers, water bundles, water filter carafe & water filter bottles).This water bottle organization taking care of all the aspects and making their All products which are free from bacteria and BPA. When compared to other traditional filters this water modern water filter carafe is very comfortable to carry due to its elegant design ,portable size .

Most of the water filtration system are using the activated carbon filtration systems, reverse osmosis filters…etc.Just have a look at this videos how these Modern water filter carafes are doing their job and usage at Homes.

why water filters are made with activated carbon filtration system?

There are many water filtration systems available in the present market which can provide better water filtration for human lives. Well, most of the water filters are using reverse osmosis technique for water filtration due to its effectiveness. there also other water filtration technique available and most of the modern water filters( water filter pitchers, water bundles , water filter carafe, home filters….Etc.) are made with activated carbon filtration system.

Well, what is Activated carbon filter? how this activated carbon filtration system works?

Activated carbon or activated carbon is porous carbon that traps compounds, commonly used technology based on the adsorption of contaminants onto the surface of a filter. mainly organic, present in a gas or a liquid. It does so with such effectiveness, that it is the purifying most used by the human being. Organic compounds are derived from the metabolism of living beings, and their basic structure consists of chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms.

Among them are all derivatives of the plant and animal world, including oil and the compounds that are obtained from it. any carbon particle has the ability to adsorb. That is why some people put charcoal in the refrigerator to eliminate odors. The same happens if you put coal in a container with water: it eliminates color, taste and smell. Or, in the countryside, people burn tortillas and eat them to relieve themselves of digestive problems (such as light infections, indigestion or flatulence).


Due to its effective water filtration’s system most of the water filter manufacturer are showing their interest to make their water filter products such as water filter bottles, water filter pitchers , carafes….etc.  Especially a company hydros water bottle doing its job better with its products.This activated carbon filter can able to filter water and can remove contaminants, bacteria from water  instantly once we insert water on it. Almost most of the filters are comes with BPA-Free certification which means not harmful for health.

Activated carbons made from hardwoods form large diameter pores and are particularly suitable for bleaching liquids. Those that are made from mineral coals, tend to form a wide range of pores; they are usually more suitable for applications in which the compounds they seek to retain are of different molecular sizes. The ability of an activated carbon to retain a given substance is not only given by its surface area, but by the proportion of pores whose size is adequate, that is, a little adequate has a diameter of between one and five times the molecule of that is going to be adsorbed.

what to know more details about pradhan mantri awas yojana?

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana(Pmay), Also known as “housing for All”. Pmay is a scheme Annount by sri Narendra modi( prime minister of india) and run by the government of india, The main motto of this pmay scheme is for the poor and the persons who is unable to build a permanent house can make their own house. The government started this scheme in June 2015 and has completed the target till 2022.

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It has its own importance, but it has benefited from direct living and the people who got the benefit. When communicating with them new things. In this pradhan mantri awas yojana scheme, you are given Rupees in 3 installments to keep the foundation for the first installment house, the second installment of the house and the showroom.


PM Modi sir said that our government has been working in the mission mode, the first time a 18-month period was fixed for building a house.The Government has made some changes to make one of the prominent schemes of the Modi government more effective for the Prime Minister’s Housing Plan. pmay scheme consists of four major aspects: First, its objective is to alter slum areas by building houses for slum dwellers in collaboration with private developers. 

it is planning to provide credit-linked subsidy to the weak and middle income groups on loans taken for the renovation of new homes or existing homes.Affordable housing with the central government to promote the manufacturing sector to the Prime Minister Housing Scheme (urban) under the houses to be eligible for subsidies under the middle income group (MIG) credit linked subsidy scheme (Sielss) to Increase in the carpet area.

There was a scheme for these people that if the customers with this income purchase the houses, then the interest rate on the loan amount of 9 lakh rupees in their loans will be 4 percent of the interest as the government will provide. Similarly, for the second category, it was decided that if they buy a house with a loan.The facility of online application will be available in public facilities (CSCs) in urban areas across the country. The process to find your nearest Public Convenience Center is available at the following link.

All the members of the undivided family who applied for this scheme will get their Aadhaar card no. Must give.Find Common Service Center in Your City,Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Click on the link below to read the entire process of online application through English in the Common Service Center . If son daughter is married, then she can apply separately. In this scheme, only the poor and needy slips benefit, so the government demands the income of the applicant, for which the perpetrator has to submit affidavit of his income.


what kind of digital marketing services an agency can offer ?

Every Business small/Big always wanted to grow like how the big companies (Apple Inc, Amazon, Flipkart, xiaomi…. Etc.), for That organizations, must have decent marketing plans to beat their competitors. But it’s not the Easiest thing to perform and prepare the strongest marketing plans.

We need to have Strong,

  • Team
  • Analytics
  • Tools
  • Marketing Strategy/Plan…Etc.

Here are the few Things by which how marketing agencies help to improve marketing things to grow business and stand out of the competitors.

brand image

A decent marketing agency can handle all your marketing things and Accessibility of hiring an agency with independent workers is always more affordable than having an employee of their own. The team from the agencies knew more about the marketing plans and strategies well and good. Reason why? They are highly Experienced working with clients and providing to them results within the span of time.

They can Manage the presence of your brand awareness on all social networks like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn. they are focusing more working to get the maximum attention from your Targeted audience. The power of decision hiring an agency in front of an employee part of the multidisciplinary vision since it allows to have different employees for different types of situations.


The digital world is growing day by day and the usage of the internet also enormously increased. Compared to Offline market online marketing gives more benefits to any kind of organization. The agency promotes your products and services through the design of effective strategies. All we need to have Greater target audience approaching capacity and advanced digital marketing tools. This digital marketing tool helps companies, brand awareness over the digital platform.

An external staff of an agency provides a view from the outside that serves as feedback for employees of a company since you get a global view of services and market opportunities or new trends. Organic results, a common word for most of the marketers, instead of working for paid this organic /free results (Traffic and visitors to your Money site) from Search Engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo…Etc.). This will be done by optimizing your money site as per search engine guidelines. A decent digital marketing agency who provides advanced digital marketing services knows this strong SEO strategy well and good and they can provide organic results to their clients.


Not all demands for information or communication have the same profile, and not all employees or people are the same. There are certain communication tasks that need to adopt a project to higher operating costs or a demand for work in large dimensions, such as extending a communicative effort of a service, launching several services at the same time or managing large events.

In this case, having an employee can limit the field of action of a company, while having an agency has enough scalability and elasticity to call on more employees in front of several tasks at certain times. Content specialist for content management, marketing consultants for marketing strategies/plans, SEO specialist for SEO strategies Very department need their own professionals. agencies are packed with strong digital marketing team with advanced marketing strategies and tools.

An external agency also works as a permanent consultancy, and any doubt or communication problem can be resolved much more quickly and efficiently. An agency is used to working with different types of clients and companies, has a comprehensive perspective of the market and is more proactive when developing relevant projects for your company. In addition, as experts in communication, they exploit the relational factor in searches of contacts or clients.  

benefits of drinking water from water filters.

Every day we are drinking water few gets the pure and safe drinking water few were not. Drinking pure and safe water is very much important for being healthier for lives. So, here are the few benefits of drinking pure and safe drinking water from the filter water bottle.

Benefits of using water filters.

BPA Free

Yes, modern water filters come with BPA free. BPA stands for “Bisphenol A“. It is a toxic industrial chemical that has been used since the 70s to harden the plastic because water filters are made up of plastic. It is everywhere: in medical devices, plastic bottles, baby bottles, inner lining of cans containing soda and food, etc. More than 90% of us have BPA in our bodies, including babies and the elderly. Where do we get it? By eating foods that have been in containers and plastic bags, in cans and through air, dust and contaminated water.


Eliminate fluoride.

The fluorine is a mineral that occurs naturally in all sources of water, including oceans, lakes and rivers. Learn more about the benefits of fluoride. This component can cause health problems such as bladder cancer, gum disease, thyroid dysfunction. You forget about pesticides and heavy metals. some pesticides can be detected in groundwater, so water filters are responsible for eliminating them.

Better flavor.

Water filters give a better taste by eliminating chlorine and bacteria. When it comes to using water filters in the home, many times we only talk about the advantages this can bring. Well now and for you to be aware of what you will take home, it is essential that we talk about the benefits of this system but also about the disadvantages it can bring.

Reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases.

The gastrointestinal diseases are those that attack the stomach and intestines; In general, they are caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and certain foods, although some medications can also cause them. The gastritis occurs when the stomach lining becomes inflamed. This can happen due to different factors such as the reflux of bile into the stomach, extreme stress, irritating foods, some medications due to the elimination of the cryptosporidium and giardia bacteria found in drinking water.


In the same way we cannot stop mentioning the advantage it gives regarding the elimination of chlorine, commonly present in the treated water that reaches us at home. Another advantage to consider is without doubt the cost that can represent the purchase of these filters and is that it is much better to invest in them than buying bottles of water daily.

One of the greatest advantages that should be mentioned of these purification systems is that they allow greater safety with the water we consume. By using them at home they give us confidence about the quality of the water that we drink, which will be free of organic and chemical contaminants.

what does SEO(Search Engine optimization)mean?SEO Methods and factors?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), One of the Important and the very beginning step of digital marketing. Always Remember, SEO is Time Taking and Effective Method for Boosting your Brand and improving site visibility over Digital Platforms(Internet).

What it does,

  • Improve the visibility of a website over online
  • Improve website rankings in SERP(Search Engine Results Page).
  • Make websites clean and clear for Readers.
  • Makes sites as SE (Search Engine) Friendly.
  • Improves Website Traffic.
  • Improves Brand Awareness digitally.

On the other hand, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is, the online positioning and Digital marketing strategy, is divided into two major groups: SEO on-site and SEO off-site. Both are equally important and key.

Well What are On-Site SEO and Off-site SEO

On-Page SEO

The Name itself indicates That “On -Site”, Means optimization can do on the website. Well, what does it means within the site? Changes in the site to make website SE (Search Engine) Friendly

Namely, on-page SEO factors,

  • Title Optimization (Meta Tittle)
  • URL optimization
  • Meta Keywords
  • Description (Meta Description)
  • Sub-domain Format (WWW or Without WWW)
  • Protocols versions(HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Sitemap
  • Broken Link Finding
  • Robots.Txt
  • Content optimization
  • URL Architecture
  • Internal Linking
  • Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
  • Site speed…. Etc.

These are the On-Site SEO factors which play crucial Roll in the Ranking Game in SERP. Which Also helps to Drive Tons of traffic and visitors to Money Site (your website). Make Sure to ready with this above mention On-site SEO factors to Stand 1st Rank or 1st position in SERP. Preparing Strong On-site SEO is One of the tougher tasks for Most of The SEO’s including me.


How to Prepare Strong On-Page SEO

There is no Exact Answer for “how Search Engine Algorithms works”, it depends on the Updates released by the Search Engines. We must optimize our Money Site As per the Search Engine Algorithm Updates and its Guidelines. How to prepare strong On-site SEO?

Audit Report helps to understand you Website Status,


  • Domain Authority(DA), Page Authority(PA)
  • Spam Score
  • URL Architecture
  • Site Speed
  • Mobile Friendly/Desktop friendly
  • SEO Errors
  • Keyword Positions
  • Social Media checkups…. Etc.

Once done with Auditing the site, do keyword research (Use Keyword Planner Tool or Manual Method) whether you put the right keyword or not on your Site. Make your site Mobile in a Friendly way, improve Site speed, Optimize the content, Titles and heading with right Keywords.

Off-Site SEO

As the Name itself indicates that “Off-site” changes that can do Outside of the website. Off-site SEO is one of the Powerful SEO method for increasing the website Rankings, Domain Authority and Domain Trust. Of-Site SEO factors


  • Web 2.0 Submissions
  • Blogging
  • Article Submission
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Business Listings
  • Profile Listings
  • Social Bookmarking’s
  • PPT Submissions
  • PDF Submissions
  • Quora (Q & A)
  • Forum Posting
  • Infographics
  • guest graphics
  • Blog Commenting
  • Video Submissions
  • Document submissions…Etc.

Each Method has its unique Value, All the Methods I’ll not helps to improve Website Rankings as I said earlier each has its values. Few helps to improve ranking, few helps to increase Authority, few helps to build Brand, and few helps to build Link Trust.It is Advisable to get the best digital marketing services (SEO,SEM,SMM,SMO,Content ,Video,Images….Etc) which I’ll help to improve all the above-mentioned SEO (Both on-site and Off-site) factors of your website.

Hope This Article Helps, Thank you.